Status Update: Justin is my favorite commentor

Interesting Guy wants all fast food employees to understand. When I order a “medium” drink, I want the one in the middle. Don’t look at me funny ’cause you call it a “regular.” 10:44am

Jake at 11:28am November 24
Tara at 11:36am November 24
WoW….let the revolution begin!
Ben at 11:38am November 24
You should be like manager or something
Madam Von Sassycats at 11:51am November 24
Last I checked fast food restaurants were not employing champions of basic problem solving skills and the English language… local or foreign-born. By frequenting those establishments you’re supporting the lowest common denominator (both in food and in service), and therefore your expectations are unrealistically high. Try cooking your own food, lazy ass. 😉
Wes at 11:58am November 24
They should be operating on a check +/- system
Interesting Guy at 12:04pm November 24
There was a lot more cursing in my original status update. Stupid word limits. Also, fuck the places that have “medium” as their smallest, “large” as their medium, and “extra large” as their large. I blame Starbucks and their retarded sizing system for all of this.

Steph-I’m glad you are a proponent for social darwinism.

Crazy Cat Lady at 12:14pm November 24
Hey, by eating at fast food joints regularly enough to have a publicized gripe about their sizing terminology, you’re easily supporting a social “survival of the fittest”. High five for universal health care!
Derek at 12:45pm November 24
I like the new sizing standards, it means my formerly “small” penis is now 24 oz’s of goodness!
Julian at 3:15pm November 24
no shit they look at you like a total rere.
Justin at 5:46pm November 24
how did steph’s first comment have anything to do with social darwinism?
Courtney at 6:29pm November 24
I would just like to say that I get crap all the time for pointing at the specific size that I want instead of trying to play by their insane size-name game. Fight the power!

One Response to “Status Update: Justin is my favorite commentor”

  1. madamvonsassypants Says:

    You’re an odd duck.

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