Part one of one (RIP Ghost Pilot)

Well… the three part story experiment failed miserably. We’ll never know whether our brave young aviator manages to kill the unkillable pilot, or if he is destined to be destroyed by him.

I imagine this story being the first step to becoming Robert E. Howard-like… not the suicide part… I’m talking about story fragments! Famous with story fragments! God! Why do you always take my similes and run with them!

Anyways, if any of you writers out there feel the need to finish the story, I’d love to read your endings!

Check back later tonight for a blog on something completely different!


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2 Responses to “Part one of one (RIP Ghost Pilot)”

  1. Jake Says:

    Years later, Eddie McCullen walked into the old Manhattan firehouse. He hobbled in on a cane and a bum leg. At last he thought he’d found the people who could finally bring his quest to kill the Ghost Pilot to a close.

    “Dr. Venkman?” McCullen asked the receptionist.

    She spun around in her chair and looked at the 90-year-old over the tops of her thick-rimmed glasses and responded in a nasally voice, “Dr. Venkman and Dr. Spengler are out on a call. Do you have an appointment?”

    “No, I was just hoping I could talk–I saw this article…” He held out a copy of a week’s old Newsday profiling the Ghostbusters.

    “You and everyone else in all five boroughs, pops,” the increasingly impatient receptionist replied. “I’m sorry, but the Ghostbusters are far to busy to be interrupted by every Tom, Dick, and… what was your name, sir?”

    “McCullen,” he told her, disappointed that she wasn’t writing it down in the appointment book before her. “Eddie McCullen.”

    “Well, Mr. McCullen, while Ghostbusters Incorporated appreciates your interest–”

    “Captain Edward McCullen?” Dr. Ray Stantz came bursting from his office, knocking the door from one of its loose hinges. “Confirmed World War One ace Captain Edward McCullen of the Royal Flying Corps the only man to survive three encounters with the so-called Ghost Pilot of Maubeuge?”

    Startled by this excited man’s rapid fire recitation, McCullen was speechless for a moment, but managed a nod and eventually squeaked out, “Yes, sir, that’s me.”

    “Janice,” Dr. Stantz told the receptionist, “I’ll be in my office with Captain McCullen…”

    (I can’t believe I wrote that much.)

  2. interestingguy Says:

    This response officially makes you my favorite person. Ever. Eat it Steph.

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